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Dear Readers

Where in the world are Copperfield readers?

They’re everywhere. The Copperfield Review is truly an international journal.

That’s not entirely news to me since we’ve been receiving submissions from writers from all over the world for years. Since I signed Copperfield up for Google Analytics it’s been a joy to look at a map of the globe and see the dots—some smaller, some larger—representing places where people have read The Copperfield Review. Here are the top ten cities that read Copperfield:

1. New York City

2. Bloomfield, NJ

3. Palmyra, NJ

4. London

5. Washington, D.C.

6. Chicago

7. New Delhi

8. Tel Aviv

9. Melbourne

10. Calgary

And this was just the top ten. We have readers across the North American continent, throughout Europe, around India, in the Middle East. Not too shabby for a little journal that started on a whim nearly 12 years ago.

I would never show bias toward readers from any one place because I’m thrilled to have a global audience for our journal, but I was very happy to see London at number four on the list. Anyone who knows my love for Dickens won’t be surprised to learn London is the city of my heart (even though I’ve never been there—I’ll be rectifying that next year). Out of curiosity, I checked Copperfield’s stats for the rest of the UK, and it turns out we have readers in Manchester, Harrogate, Wolverhampton, Iver, Epping, Colchester, Stroud, Dublin, and Liexlip.

When I spoke at the Las Vegas Writers Conference this past April, someone asked if I would ever turn Copperfield into a paperbound journal. Nope, I said. And I meant it. When Copperfield began, my intention was to eventually publish it as a paper journal. Those were the days when people thought you published online because you couldn’t get published any other way, and I thought the journal would have more credibility if you could buy it in a bookstore. But as the years passed we began to get submissions from writers in the UK, France, India, Japan, China, and across Africa, and I began to not only love this online format but respect it. As an Internet journal, The Copperfield Review can find readers from everyone everywhere in the world, and we have the Google Analytics stats to prove it.

The stats change every day because every day people from new cities find us. Where in the world will The Copperfield Review be read tomorrow? I can’t wait to find out.

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