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Armor of Light

Written by Ellen L. Ekstrom

Published by ireadiwrite Publishing

180 pages

Review by Emma Harrison


Armor of Light by Ellen L. Ekstrom is a look into the era after the medieval Crusades. George Ascalon is a nobleman newly returned from his adventures in the Crusades, and we see both his personal struggles as well as his larger difficulties as he completes one last task left behind for him by his father. It turns out that George must eradicate one particularly difficult problem from another land. This novel is a unique blend of historical fiction and fantasy, and the details about medieval life helped to make the story seem real. Ekstrom does a good job combining period information with approachable, readable prose. Rather than weighing down the story with too much flavor, the historical information adds the right amount of spice to a well-paced hero tale. I am not usually drawn to books about medieval times or the Crusades, and I’m not a particular fantasy fan, but I enjoyed Ekstrom’s writing and I found enough truth in George’s story and his struggles to recommend this book for anyone who enjoys hero stories.


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