Ghost in the Bathroom by Christopher Berardino

Shunned by Carol Bergman

The Fall of Kiev by Jeffrey Brodsky

What Makes a Witch? by Louise Butler

Independence Day, 1921 by Gregory Byrd

The Gospels of Innish Bawn by Rosie Cullen

Marilyn and the Bears by Diana Davidson

To Be a Queen by Wendy J. Dunn

The Providential Return of Squanto by James Gallant

Boots, Bonnets & Bayonets by Clay Gish

The Boston Doctor by Lisa Gordon

1348 by Russell Hemmell

The Plain Man’s Portrait by Jeremy Howell

A Search For Hope by Lauren Hudson

God’s Own Country by Helen Johnson

Flying With William by Nancy Kilgore

Beneath the Yellow Aspen Trees written by Chad Lester and narrated by Jeffrey Machado)

Mumler and the Widow by Ryan F. Love

Pompeii by Prisha Mehta

Miss Lucy: An Excerpt by William Orem

Hellulandsaga by Nicholas Pullen

April’s Winds by A. Shelton Rollins

The Emperor’s Cloak by Jo-Anne Rosen

The Strangling Angel by Karen Shapiro

Yardley Doyle McKee, Widower by Tom Sheehan

The Sage Grouse and the Bandit Queen by Billie Holladay Skelley

Rembrandt, Self-Portrait with Saskia by Angela Teagardner

Tamara and Natiao by Matias F. Travieso-Diaz

Last Words by Emma Venables

Road to Montgomery by Timothy Xu

The Case of the Midnight Assassin by Nolan Yard

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