Dragon Blood

Written by David Alan Dickens

Published by CreateSpace

398 pages

Review by Brenda M. Marsh


Dragon Blood is a different kind of paranormal story. Most people associate shapeshifters with werewolves or other animals, but in this case the shapeshifter is a vampire–and a dragon. Samarah is the last of her kind, the last of the Dragon Women. She hunts humans for prey while she too is hunted. Soon the story becomes a thriller as we follow Samarah on her journey to try to save her kind. Will she be able to reestablish her clan, or will she be killed instead?

I am not an avid reader of paranormal fiction, but I liked Dragon Blood from the opening scenes where Samarah is first introduced. There is an intensity about this strong woman character that is intriguing, and the fact that there is a different take on shapeshifters gives the story a unique twist. I have never read about dragons before and I found David Alan Dickens’ take on them engaging. I liked the thriller aspect of the story, and I was taken by Samarah’s story enough to want to keep reading until the end. All in all, I recommend Dragon Blood for anyone who likes thrillers about vampires, shapeshifters, and dragons.


Brenda M. Marsh lives in San Francisco, California where she is working on publishing her first short story collection. She lives with her husband, son, and three dogs.


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