John Hayes

Independence Day Came Again This Year


In 1919 America’s inquisitor,

J. Edgar Hoover, a young and rising bureaucrat

summoned Emma Goldman,

an advocate of birth control,

free speech and other Socialist convictions.


His verbal skills,

his touch of venom

resulted in her deportation

with 247 others.


J. Edgar used the system.

Gathered accolades and laurels.

Though many still rebuke him

even question how he sometimes dressed


his enduring affirmation,

“I ask, you tell,”

stings throughout the land.


Were he alive today,

J. Edgar would

Most boldly battle

against all crime, 

unless, of course, it’s organized.


He never fought the system.


John gives poetry readings, acts and directs in Community Theater. He exhibits his sculpture anywhere he can find an outlet. He was a scurvy looking corpse on Homicide and a shopper on WIRE. Seven of his one-act plays were produced. Dark Metre, The Meadow, Aoife’s Kiss, Thema, Whitefish Review, Modern Haiku, Liquid Imagination, Welter, Premonitions, and Big Pulp are some of the magazines that published his work.


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