Rita Bhattacharjee

Ghost of Lena Hamm


It was an ominous night;

I could feel it in the air

the moon was shrouded by dark clouds,

of stars there remained but a pair.


The wind hissed through the trees –

the leaves shuddered in fear

silhouetted against a lightning flash,

I saw her face quite clear.


It was a striking face,

deathly pale and gaunt;

Her ashen lips were slightly parted,

grimaced in a perpetual taunt.


A sudden gust of wind

sent a chill down my back –

a pall of darkness fell

as I heard the thunder crack.


Buffeted by the storm,

I felt someone shove me by

and over the howling winds,

I heard her plaintive cry.


I am Lena Hamm, she wailed,

her scream rang in my ear,

someone shook me by the shoulders –

my heart grew cold with fear.


I ran blindly in the darkness

to get away from her,

I felt a hand grab my foot –

I tripped, everything was a blur.


The moon had broken free of clouds

when I did come around,

I looked straight into a headstone –

the epitaph caught my eye, I felt my heart pound.


Here lies Lena Hamm, it read –

before I could read any more,

dark clouds shrouded the moon again,

the howl of winds rose to a roar.


i am heathcliff


you and I have

devoured flesh

preyed on minds

usurped identities

incinerated each other

in all-conflagrating passion.


i see only you

when i look in the mirror –

behind me, my spectreself

pounds on the window pane

with bloodied hands;

clawing at an existence that is no longer hers;

her maggotmouth breaking into a silent scream

begging to be heard again.


Rita Bhattacharjee is a communications consultant with extensive experience in project management, strategic planning, and integrated marketing communications. She has managed corporate and internal communications for multimillion-dollar companies across diverse industries, as well as for several nonprofit organizations. She is currently channeling her skills towards social entrepreneurship to increase awareness and reduce disparity in public health through effective global research and training, development of information technology platform and deployment of mobile healthcare and alternative medical solutions. In the midst of it all, she remains a poet at heart. Her poetry has been published in reputed international journals.


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