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Dear Readers

When it comes to the question “Pumpkin spice lattes, yes or no?” I am very much on the “Yes!” side. Actually, I like the cold brew pumpkin foam better.

Autumn is always a crazy time of year for me even under normal circumstances (remember those?). Things are even more crazy this year. With having to learn the ins and outs of online teaching, I’ve been so busy lately I’ve hardly had time to breathe.

Things are calming down at least some now that I’m starting to understand a bit more about how online teaching works although I realize I still have so much to learn.

I’m also finishing my first nonfiction book and a new historical novel that will be ready in time for Christmas. In between teaching, and writing, and more writing, we’ve been going through some fabulous submissions at Copperfield. We’ve had so many great submissions that we’ve booked all our slots through January 2021. That’s amazing! Keep the great submissions coming.

We also have a brand spanking new newsletter with the latest news and information from Copperfield, including our latest publications. Everyone who signs up will receive a free digital copy of our first anthology, History Will Be Kind.

Despite the craziness, I hope you and your loved ones are well. And I wish a very healthy and happy new year to all of my friends who are celebrating the year 5781 beginning September 18. Shana Tova!

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Dear Readers

Where in the world are Copperfield readers?

They’re everywhere. The Copperfield Review is truly an international journal.

That’s not entirely news to me since we’ve been receiving submissions from writers from all over the world for years. Since I signed Copperfield up for Google Analytics it’s been a joy to look at a map of the globe and see the dots—some smaller, some larger—representing places where people have read The Copperfield Review. Here are the top ten cities that read Copperfield:

1. New York City

2. Bloomfield, NJ

3. Palmyra, NJ

4. London

5. Washington, D.C.

6. Chicago

7. New Delhi

8. Tel Aviv

9. Melbourne

10. Calgary

And this was just the top ten. We have readers across the North American continent, throughout Europe, around India, in the Middle East. Not too shabby for a little journal that started on a whim nearly 12 years ago.

I would never show bias toward readers from any one place because I’m thrilled to have a global audience for our journal, but I was very happy to see London at number four on the list. Anyone who knows my love for Dickens won’t be surprised to learn London is the city of my heart (even though I’ve never been there—I’ll be rectifying that next year). Out of curiosity, I checked Copperfield’s stats for the rest of the UK, and it turns out we have readers in Manchester, Harrogate, Wolverhampton, Iver, Epping, Colchester, Stroud, Dublin, and Liexlip.

When I spoke at the Las Vegas Writers Conference this past April, someone asked if I would ever turn Copperfield into a paperbound journal. Nope, I said. And I meant it. When Copperfield began, my intention was to eventually publish it as a paper journal. Those were the days when people thought you published online because you couldn’t get published any other way, and I thought the journal would have more credibility if you could buy it in a bookstore. But as the years passed we began to get submissions from writers in the UK, France, India, Japan, China, and across Africa, and I began to not only love this online format but respect it. As an Internet journal, The Copperfield Review can find readers from everyone everywhere in the world, and we have the Google Analytics stats to prove it.

The stats change every day because every day people from new cities find us. Where in the world will The Copperfield Review be read tomorrow? I can’t wait to find out.

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Dear Readers

Have you ever had a time when there just weren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? I have to admit, I don’t feel that stressed too often. I’m pretty organized so normally I can keep everything under control, but for the past few weeks it’s been crazy with how much I had to do. Finally, today, I can breathe. For now at least. It’s a good thing we decided to turn the Dickens Special into a year-long pursuit since that’s how long it’s going to take me to finish reading his novels and writing out everything I want to say about them.

Long-time friends of The Copperfield Review will notice our spiffy new look. Since it’s 2012, we decided it was time to join the twenty-first century with a blog-based site. Life has a funny way of unfolding sometimes. I had been thinking about changing the site for a while now, but you know how that goes. I made excuses, decided why I didn’t need to do it, the old site was fine, it would be too much trouble, et cetera. I put it off and put it off again until a chance encounter at the Las Vegas Writers Conference gave me the boost I needed to get it done. It took some fancy footwork to figure out how to work with—my own blog being on, which I find far simpler to work with. Learning the new site required a number of late nights pushing this and flipping that and annoying our Facebook friends with around 40 unintended posts.

Everything you’ve come to know and love about The Copperfield Review is here. We still have our Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Reviews, and Interviews pages. We still have our Submission Guidelines readily available. But the new site has a few more interactive features. We have a handy-dandy Contact Us page, and we have a new Submissions Manager. The Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Reviews, and Interviews pages have a share button so if you read something you like you can share it through Facebook or Twitter. I still don’t know the half of what this new site can do, and I’m looking forward to learning as we go forward.

Another new feature is the availability of advertising space, and you’ll notice the Donate button from PayPal on our sidebar. I realized (with the help of my friend from the Las Vegas Writers Conference) that if we begin generating income then we can begin paying authors for their work, which is how it should be. It seems obvious, but I’m a little slow sometimes. As a writer myself, I had simply accepted that writers aren’t paid (or aren’t paid well) for their writing. For most of the journals I’ve been published in, payment was two copies of the journal and a “Thanks!” And that’s about what we’ve paid here at Copperfield (though I hope our contributors realize we have a super hearty THANKS! for them). It’s time to turn Copperfield into a paying market. After all, we publish the best historical fiction out there.

This friend from the Las Vegas Writers Conference was there during my e-zine presentation. He mentioned Malcolm Gladwell’s assertion in Outliers that to have mastery over anything takes about 10,000 hours. In other words, in order to be good at your work, whatever it is, it’s going to take about 10,000 hours of learning and doing. At the rate we work on Copperfield, that might have taken us about five years. He asked if it took that long to get Copperfield off the ground. I told him we did it in about two. How? It’s pretty simple. It boils down to the fact that we have loyal readers and contributors from all over the world. Every edition our readership grows. I’ve received e-mails from all over the U.S., Canada, across the U.K., Switzerland, Germany, France, China, Japan, Australia, Egypt, Zimbabwe, and lately we’ve been finding a large readership in India. Welcome to our new site and thank you one and all. You’re greatly appreciated.

Here’s looking forward to all the future has to offer.



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