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 Recommended for some readers

 Recommended only for devotees of the subject

 Not recommended

Please note: The opinions expressed in these reviews are the opinions of the reviewers and not necessarily the opinions of the editors of The Copperfield Review.

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Daughters of the Witching Hill Review by Meredith Allard

Maharanis: The Lives and Times of Three Generations of Indian Princesses Review by Rosemary Johnson

The Irrationalist: The Tragic Murder of René Descartes Review by Richard Moorton

* * * * *

A Mercy Review by Meredith Allard

Becoming Dickens by Meredith Allard

Bellman and Black Review by Meredith Allard

The Book Thief Review by Meredith Allard

David Copperfield by Meredith Allard

In the Footsteps of Dracula Review by Meredith Allard

The Little Bride Review by Meredith Allard

Mr. Dickens and His Carol Review by Meredith Allard

Mrs. Poe Review by Meredith Allard

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking Review by Meredith Allard

The Raven’s Seal Review by Meredith Allard

The Real Life Downton Abbey Review by Meredith Allard

The River Within Review by Meredith Allard

The Song of Achilles Review by Meredith Allard

The Tudor Vendetta Review by Meredith Allard

This Big Dress Review by Meredith Allard

Tudors: The History of England From Henry VIII to Elizabeth I Review by Meredith Allard

Up and Down Stairs Review by Meredith Allard

Wanna Get Lucky? Review by Meredith Allard

The Widow’s Husband Review by Meredith Allard

Wolf Hall Review by Meredith Allard

Maggie’s Door Review by Gilliana Ampano

Slapstick Review by Gilliana Ampano

Magician’s Spell Review by Ellen Ball

Dear Heart, How Like You This Review by Elizabeth Batt

The Kitchen House Review by Nancy Anne Brayburn

The Amber Keeper Review by Charlie Britten

The Cunning Man: A Hippo Yeoman Anthology Review by Charlie Britten

Destiny’s Rebel by Charlie Britten

Escape to the Country Review by Charlie Britten

Go Set a Watchman Review by Charlie Britten

Hard Times by Charlie Britten

The Old Boys: The Decline and Rise of the Public School Review by Charlie Britten

A Place in the World Review by Charlie Britten

Paint Me a Picture Review by Charlie Britten

The Photographer’s Wife Review by Charlie Britten

Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen Review by Charlie Britten

While No One Was Watching Review by Charlie Britten

The Art and Craft of Writing Historical Fiction Review by Natasha Buckler

Battle Lines: A Graphic History of the Civil War Review by Brian Burmeister

The Inquisitor Review by Kris Carabetta

The Passion of Artemesia Review by Tillie Charles

Harkening: A Collection Of Stories Remembered Review by Judith Woolcock Colombo

Maid of Baikal Review by The Copperfield Review

Soaring With Vultures Review by The Copperfield Review

Cupid and the Silent Goddess Review by Lois Danielson

The Forest Lover Review by Lois Danielson

Before the Paparazzi Review by Paula Day

The Blue Orchard Review by Paula Day

The Bonesetter’s Daughter Review by Paula Day

Charles Dickens: A Life by Paula Day

The Dress Lodger Review by Paula Day

Faery Tail Review by Paula Day

Girl With a Pearl Earring Review by Paula Day

Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer Among the Indians Review by Paula Day

The Hunger Angel Review by Paula Day

If I Never Get Back Review by Paula Day

Mr. Darcy, Vampire Review by Paula Day

Play These Games Review by Paula Day

Drowning Ruth Review by William Dressler

Arthur and George Review by Shirley Corwin Easer

The Flower to the Painter Review by Jessica Garamondi

Armor of Light Review by Emma Harrison

Daughters of Rome Review by Emma Harrison

Deadly Focus Review by Emma Harrison

The Other Boleyn Girl Review by Marian Kensler

Fire on the Waters Review by Molly Kinkade

All the Light We Cannot See by Yushin Jeng

Hottentot Venus Review by Vanessa F. Johnson

Abraham, the Dreamer Review by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

The Unknown Shore Review by Scott Archer Jones

Ahab’s Wife Review by Martina S. Jones

Beatrice’s Spell Review by Martina S. Jones

Alone: A Winter in the Woods by Peggy Dymond Leavey

A Penny Always Has Two Sides Review by Brenda M. Marsh

Dragon Blood Review by Brenda M. Marsh

Kettle Bottom Review by Carole Mertz

The Poisoned Pilgrim Review by Carole Mertz

Blonde Review by Deanna Northrup

Hadrian’s Wall Review by Joanna L. Oates

The Paying Guests Review by Michelle Pretorius

The Dante Club Review by Katerie Pryor

Blood and Silk Review by Edgar James Rice

Tributary Review by Jana Richman

Sudden Death Review by Cynthia C. Scott

Hosack’s Folly Review by Thomas Scott

The Ambitious Madame Bonaparte Review by Tracey Skeine

Bowery Ripper on the Loose Review by Tracey Skeine

Buff Tea Review by Tracey Skeine

Cavalier’s Call Review by Tracey Skeine

The Corsair Review by Tracey Skeine

Empress of the Seven Hills Review by Tracey Skeine

Forgotten Review by Tracey Skeine

Innocence and Gold Dust Review by Tracey Skeine

The King’s Agent Review by Tracey Skeine

Martyrs and Traitors Review by Tracey Skeine

Rachel Wicks Review by Tracey Skeine

The Ruin Review by Tracey Skeine

Strategos Review by Tracey Skeine

While I’m Still Myself Review by Tracey Skeine

The Fairytale Keeper Review by Kimberly Sonner

Farewell, Shanghai Review by Charlene Tolberg

Bluebird Review by Steven Wilding

The Essex Serpent Review by E H Young












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