The Copperfield Review is now accepting advertising from authors and  publishers who would like to promote their historical novels. Please note that at this time we are only accepting advertising for historical fiction.

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Love historical fiction? We do too! If you want to get the word out about your historical novel, advertise with us!

About The Copperfield Review

A quick look at the Top Ten of the N.Y. Times Best Seller List for 9/13/15 reveals three historical novels. Let’s face it—readers love historical fiction.

NYT Top Ten

The Copperfield Review was founded in 2000 by Executive Editor Meredith Allard as a way to create an online home for readers and writers of historical fiction. Since then, The Copperfield Review has been featured in Writer’s DigestNovel and Short Story Writer’s MarketKiller StartupsDuotrope, The Los Angeles Times, and Las Vegas Seven Magazine. It was named one of the top sites for new writers by Writer’s Digest and it has received the Books and Authors Award for Literary Excellence.

In every quarterly edition, The Copperfield Review publishes the very best from up and coming as well as established authors of historical fiction. The editors are proud that CR has been the first publication for many talented new writers from around the world. Each edition features new historical short stories, historical poems, and history-based nonfiction articles. On our website you’ll find interviews with historical novelists (including interviews with John Jakes and Barbara Taylor Bradford) as well as reviews of the latest historical novels to catch our attention.

Our imprint, Copperfield Press, will be publishing our first anthology of historical fiction in November 2015.

Why Advertise in The Copperfield Review?

Earth Map CopperfieldThe Copperfield Review is read across the globe. We love to watch the map turn blue as the journal is discovered by more and more readers and writers of historical fiction. While the majority of our readers are in the U.S., readers in other English-speaking countries such as the U.K., Canada, and Australia are frequent visitors. India is our next biggest market, along with countries in Africa and South America. The Copperfield Review is truly an international journal.

During the course of one issue (12 weeks per quarterly issue), The Copperfield Review averages 100 page views a day, though that number can balloon to 400 page views a day after a new edition is posted. New editions are published on the last day of January, April, July, and October.

After 15 years, the number of readers continues to grow with every edition. At a time when literary journals are in decline, The Copperfield Review has been gaining in popularity. Since moving to our new website in 2012, The Copperfield Review has had over 160,000 visitors.

Our Social Media Promotions

Our Twitter feed has 13,000 followers, and we have 2,500 followers on The Copperfield Review’s Facebook fan page. We’re also on Goodreads with 776 friends, and the list is growing every day. Executive Editor Meredith Allard maintains her own blog with over 18,000 followers, and she’s also on Pinterest (with a rapidly growing Historical Fiction board), Linkedin, and Google +. In addition, we send out press releases whenever something new and exciting is happening.

Advertising Rates

Please note that there are limited spaces for advertising per edition and four editions a year.

Sponsorship                                                                                                               $100 per week

    $900 for the edition

Sponsorship of one quarterly edition of The Copperfield Review includes interviews, prominent advertisements, and excerpts from the novel(s). The sponsorship is available for all or part of one quarterly edition.

Please note that The Copperfield Review cannot guarantee sales for books featured on our site. We can guarantee worldwide exposure.


Home Page Lead Feature                                                                                        $50 per week

Fiction or Poetry Page Lead Feature                                                                     $35 per week

Home Page Display

Small Box                            220×100(top)                                                               $25 per week

Small Box                            220×100(bottom)                                                        $20 per week

Medium Rectangle            300×250 (top)                                                              $35 per week

Medium Rectangle            300×250 (bottom)                                                       $30 per week

Tall Tower                           220×400 (side)                                                             $35 per week

Fiction or Poetry Page Display

Medium Rectangle            300×250 (top)                                                               $20 per week

Medium Rectangle            300×250 (bottom)                                                        $15 per week

If you are outside the U.S., please contact us at copperreview(at)aol(dot)com for pricing.

For Advertising Contact

Meredith Allard


When ordering advertising, please state the week(s) you would like your ad to appear, the size of the ad, the page where you would like the ad to appear, and the placement (top, bottom, or side).

Payments will be accepted only through PayPal.

Advertising Deadlines

  • Winter Edition (Published January 31): Payment, jpg of image, and copy due by January 1.
  • Spring Edition (Published April 30): Payment, jpg of image, and copy due by April 1.
  • Summer Edition (Published July 31): Payment, jpg of image, and copy due by July 1.
  • Autumn Edition (Published October 31): Payment, jpg of image, and copy due by October 1.

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