Volume 14 Number 2 Spring 2015

Japanese Garden
From the Japanese Garden display at the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas.


The Applicant by Jessamy Dalton

Dissentious Doves by Lee Crockett Darcy

Nefertiti: Lady of All Women by Katherine Givens

The Waiter and the Apostle of Beauty by William Haryanto

No Better Plenitude: 1685 by James McAdams

Dust by Christian Reifsteck

Over the Bridge by Samuel Simas

The Mutineer by Nadeem Zaman



Stewart Michael Berg

Nilanjana Dey

Jackson Hern

Robert McNamara

Mukesh Williams



The Covered Bridge by Kelsey Lahr

How to Get Published by Meredith Allard

Shards of Blue
Shards of Blue, from frequent Copperfield Review contributor Michael Ratcliffe, now available for preorder from Finishing Line Press

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