Volume 14 Number 4 Autumn 2015

History Will Be Kind


Love reading historical short stories and poetry on The Copperfield Review? The Copperfield Review’s first anthology of historical fiction, History Will Be Kind, is now available. There’s also a giveaway through the month of November for paperback copies on Goodreads!

Ebook: $3.99 Paperback: $11.99 Available from AmazonBNKobo, and iTunes.



Gilcrease Orchard 2015
Gilcrease Orchard 2015

The Copperfield Review is now accepting advertising from authors and publishers who would like to get word out about their historical novels. See our Advertise page for more information.


The Fire at Colney Pointe Insane Asylum by Chris Daruns

Fire by Emily Greenberg

Some Destiny by Amanda LaPorta

Divine Protection by Michael Leach

The Postern Gate by Philipp Léon Mattes

New New City by Scott Ondercin

Bridges and Buttresses by Joan Sobczak

Ramming Speed by Dave Wisker



Albert Schlaht

Andrea Wyatt 

Vanessa Zimmer-Powell



Visiting Kindred Spirits by Charlie Britten

The Intrepid Stagecoach Mary by Walter Giersbach



Jennifer Falkner by Meredith Allard



Pumpkins from Gilcrease Orchard

Go Set a Watchman Review by Charlie Britten

Alone: A Winter in the Woods by Peggy Dymond Leavey





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